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Am I covered?

For an additional cost you can choose to protect your home (buildings) and its contents against accidental damage.The choices available are usually:
  • no accidental damage cover
  • limited accidental damage cover – This usually covers you for accidental damage to glass, sanitaryware and fixed glass.
  • extra accidental damage cover – This covers you for any other accidental damage
Examples of accidental damage to the building include: drilling into a pipe or cable, damage to a kitchen worktop caused by a hot pan or children drawing on the walls.Examples of accidental damage to contents include: damage caused by spilling food or drink on your carpet or accidentally knocking over an ornament.

If your glasses were stolen or damaged due to an insured event in the home, such as a fire or a theft (check your policy wording for further details) then cover would be provided under the contents section.

To provide cover for accidental damage to your glasses within your home you would need full accidental damage cover. 

If you lose your glasses in the home you usually need personal belongings cover for this.  Contents cover is there for the main insured events such as fire, theft, escape of water.  A loss is not usually classed as one of the main events.

Glasses are usually covered under Personal Belongings/Personal Possessions cover.  This usually provides cover for loss, theft or damage anywhere in the world.

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Usually, items are only covered away from home if you have chosen personal belongings/personal possessions cover.  This cover usually covers the items for loss, theft or accidental damage anywhere in the world.

Category: Am I covered?

Policies protect your home against the effects of storms and floods.  A buildings policy covers damage to buildings, garages and sheds and your contents policy will protect the items within your home and garden. Damage to hedges, gates and fences are usually not covered for damage caused by a storm.

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You will need to check with your insurer. Some insurers will cover this within the home if it is stolen. If it is accidentally damaged they might cover it if you have the correct accidental damage cover.

Away from the home it may be covered under personal belongings/possessions cover or you might need to add gadget cover (where available).

Adding solar panels should not affect your insurance.  However, it is always advisable to check with your insurer.  Damage to solar panels would be covered under the buildings section of your policy so it is important that you ensure that the buildings sums insured is adequate to include the replacement cost of such items.  If they become accidentally damage then you would need the correct accidental damage to cover this event.

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