• Personal Belongings/Possessions Cover

  • Please note: Some insurers offer Personal Items cover.  This differs from Personal Belongings cover because it does not include gadgets such as mobile phones because they offer this as a separate additional cover.

    The definition may be similar to this definition:

    Luggage, clothing, jewellery, watches, furs, binoculars, sports, musical and photographic equipment and items which you normally wear, or carry with you.  All items must belong to you or be your legal responsibility.

    The definition below is for personal money:

    Cash, cheques, postal orders, unused postage stamps, savings stamps and certificates, premium bonds, luncheon and gift vouchers, season tickets, travel tickets, travellers’ cheques and phone cards, all held for social, domestic or charitable purposes.

    You need to ensure that you have selected this cover should you require it.  As with most covers, there are certain exclusions and conditions.  One example is if you leave items in a locked car.  For there to be cover the vehicle must have been broken into by using force and violence.  Items must be in a locked and concealed boot, concealed luggage compartment or close glove compartment.

    Please check your policy booklet for full exclusions.

    There is usually a single article limit which means this is the maximum amount the company will pay for one item.  If you have any high value items you will need to specify these on your policy.

    Please note there is a limit for theft from a vehicle and you will need to check your schedule for this amount.  If you have a specified item in your car which is more than this limit, then the most your insurer will usually pay is the limit for theft from a vehicle.

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