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  • You might be familiar with the term 'Smart Home'.  Smart Home products offer convenience for your family.  You can check that your children have arrived home safely or you can adjust your heating before you arrive home.  These are just a couple of things you can control.

    It doesn't matter where you are you can control some of the products from your phone.  Whether you are abroad, at work, at home or travelling you can control these products with your phone.  This can provide peace of mind knowing what is happening at home with a smart camera or turning a light on.  You can adjust your heating whenever you want to, right from your phone.

    There are various devices which are currently available to purchase and these will grow as technology progresses. British Gas offers a monthly plan where you receive two lightbulbs, a motion sensor and a plug.  There is a cancellation charge if you leave within the first 24 months.  Also, you should be aware that these products will stop working when you cancel your plan.

    Some of the ways Smart Home can assist:

    • Heating
    • Voice Control
    • Lighting
    • Home Monitoring
    • Doorbells
    • Plugs
    • Security Cameras & CCTV
    • Baby Monitoring
    • Home Accessories
  • Heating

    With smart heating you don't need to return to a cold home.  You control your thermostat from your smartphone and you can schedule your heating requirements.

  • Lightbulbs


    There is a range of smart lighting products including bulbs and lamps which will light up your home and also provide extra security when you're not there.

  • Doorbell


    A smart doorbell allows you to see who is at your door, even if you are not at home.  Two way interaction means you can speak to the person if you want to..

  • Camera

    Security Cameras and CCTV

    You can monitor who is arriving and leaving your home.  With some cameras you can see who is at the door and with others you get notified if there is movement in the room where the camera is situated.

  • Sensor

    Home Accessories

    There are various items available including hubs, plugs and solar panels.  You can customise your speaker or thermostat.

  • Hands free speaker

    Voice Control

    You can purchase hands free speakers which you can control with your voice.  Various products are available such as Google Home and Amazon Echo.  You can use these products to provide information, news, weather, play music and control your home.

  • Smoke detector

    Home Monitoring

    You can purchase motion sensors which are able to trigger lights to switch on.  There are smoke and carbon monoxide alarms which send an alert to your phone.

  • Plug


    With a smart plug you can turn a regular appliance into a smart appliance.  You can switch on lights or if you have left an appliance switched on you can turn it off.  A number of brands work with voice control devices..

  • Baby monitor

    Baby Monitoring

    With a baby monitoring device you can see your sleeping baby.  These have an infrared camera which provides a clear view in the dark.  Some devices can monitor room temperature and also allows you to talk to your baby.

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